Thursday, August 2, 2012

On this day

Twenty two years ago today my life was changed forever.  I was eighteen and had only been out of the house a few weeks when it happened.  Sitting in a dance club for the first time with my best friend, feeling very insecure and nervous, I was approached by a cutie who wanted to dance.  Because it was early and the dance floor was wide open I just couldn't do it.  I asked him to come back later when more people were dancing and thank goodness he did!  We spent that evening together, and the next and the next, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Fifteen years ago today we were married in a small ceremony in an historic downtown Austin restaurant.  It was a day we had worked towards for a very long time, scrimping and saving and planning..and it was all worth it.  Surrounded by family and our closest friends we celebrated the love we had found and the future family we were so very looking forward to.
Today, Big Daddy is still a risk taker and I'm still playing it safe.  Together we are an unstoppable team and balance each other perfectly.  I am grateful that we have made this incredible journey together and look forward to the many adventures yet to come.
Happy Anniversary Big Daddy!

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  1. Aw...I love your story! And I love the picture from your wedding day. Many blessings today and for the years to come. xoxo