Monday, June 18, 2012

Meet Fernando

One of my very favorite things about thrifting is finding funky little accessories to stash decoratively place throughout the house.  Sometimes my connection to them is instant and just so powerful that it cannot be denied.  That's what happened with my dear friend Fernando.  This is his story...

On a very ordinary Goodwill trip one cold December afternoon, I spotted him.  The twinkle in his eye shone thru the dusty plastic Christmas tree that someone had obviously imprisoned him in.  I knew instantly that I had to bring him home and love him forever.  When I asked an employee how much he cost she told me he came with the tree and that I would have to buy the whole thing.  What?!  Well that just wasn't going to happen so we said our goodbyes and I vowed to keep him in my heart....always.

That Christmas my girls handed me a present and I could tell by the excitement on their faces that they were very proud of whatever was in the box.  I opened it carefully, savoring their enthusiasm.  When I opened the box I could hardly believe it....Fernando!!  (Apparently my husband took the girls back to the store the next day and had one of my beautiful girls ask about the price.  Ha!  Why didn't I think of that?)  I immediately nestled him into a chandelier so that I could see him every time I came into the house or walked up or down the stairs.  We were terribly happy together until, one horrible day, it became clear that his life was in danger from a light bulb he was sitting near (and thus the big black burn on his little bitty hat).  The girls and I thought long and hard about where he should live and decided that this Buddha would care for him and they could be buddies.

Yes, I know he was intended to be a holiday decoration but I love him so and just can't bear to put him away.  That's what I love about personal style, it's all yours and you can do what you want with it.  I would love to hear about some of your favorite finds and how you have incorporated them into your home.

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